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Every person is unique,
has strengths and weaknesses.
And wants to bring his potential
into his area of work.

Every person is an original
and has his dignity.
That is why respecting human beings
is indispensable to us.
Personal values are cultivated in our
company and promoted by everyone.

CE.TOP Training & Consulting, Essen and
Shanghai CE.TOP Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
We operate jointly in the management training and consulting market in Europe as well as in China, we offer training and consulting services on the development of inter-personal skills and cross cultural awareness.

Surely the most exciting and challenging task in your life:

Developing your own behavior and your own personality and understanding others with the help of DISC®

Leadership and Coaching – the secret of team success:

Basic and advanced leadership skills. Leading leaders, the ability to build a high performance team by applying your coaching skills.

Management skills:

Dealing with limited resources under pressure. Making the impossible happen day after day. Improving both you and your management skills

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