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Training and human capital development - personalized and more target oriented by employing the Persolog Personality Profile® (DISC)

No one would join a formula one car race with a four-wheel drive car neither would anyone dare to go cross-country with a sports car. But we usually do not try to figure out which particular pattern of personality would match what job.

Since there is no "ideal" successful pattern of personality there also won't be the "ideal" leadership style or the "perfect" management method. Successful people have their own and personal style. They use their methods according to their patterns of personality and apply it to situations they can play on their strengths. Successful people never try to cover a role they don't match with.

You all might know statements like "he is a musical genius" or she "exceptionally strong at arithmetic's". That's all about natural talents or skills of different patterns of personality. One might be impulsive and daring, prepared to take risks and make decisions, the other might be cautious and conscientious, carefully seeking alternatives and analyzing them before deciding.

Some of these properties are naturally inherited and we barely will be able to change them. It also becomes clear to us that these properties are not only strengths, when overused they become pitfalls. Amiable people with a good feeling for socializing and contacting others can be happy about this gift. But if the social network gets too tight this person might feel trapped by numerous relationships. Business targets might be sacrificed to keep harmonious relationships.

A strength in fast decision making can easily turn out to be the pitfall of premature decisions. The personal strength of natural authority can easily turn into authoritarian behavior. The strength of making decisions based upon diligently researched facts can easily turn into the pitfall of being unable to make any decisions within due time.At the end there is no bad manager there are only unsuitable situations that do not reflect people's individual strengths and weaknesses. Managers shall be aware of the different patterns of personality of their staff members and of themselves to select the right task for the right person. The more we are aware about our strengths and weaknesses the better we can make use of them.

The Persolog Personality Profile® helps us to customize our training and consulting efforts to the very individual needs of our participants and clients and it also may help you to be aware about your own strengths and weaknesses and to adjust your leadership style and your management techniques to the needs of your staff.

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