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China and Europe: Cultural Contrasts

  • Working across international and cultural boundaries can be difficult and frustrating, but we believe passionately that everybody can deepen their understanding and build their skills in order to become more effective when working at an international level.
  • The costs of failure can be high as the record of cross border alliances, mergers and acquisitions shows. At a personal level too, the performance of highly compe-tent individuals can disappoint when they make the transition from a domestic to an international environment.
  • There is a better way; these costs and mistakes can be avoided. We have deve-loped a choice of products and solutions designed to assist individuals, teams and organizations to understand how they can operate successfully in the international arena, and overcome the difficulties that cross border relationships can encounter.
  • Our strength arises from many years of own cross-cultural management and business experience in China as well as in Germany.
  • We don‘t teach you just how to say „ni hao“ and how to pass your business card correctly. We teach you the hard facts of doing business in China.
  • Our special offer is to start with a cross-cultural training session in Germany to prepare for your term in China and to continue with cross-cultural coaching sessions after you made your first experience with your new environment.
  • Our office in Shanghai can support you with relocation services, such as house-hunting, language courses, applying for work and resident's permits.
  • We are happy to offer our training and coaching services either in-house for your company or to enroll you to one of our public courses.
  • Course Language will be English or German – depending upon the choice of your audience.
  • Although English is the international business language, China often remains mysterious and incomprehensible to us. We want to help you understanding China, it's people, it's culture and it's business.

Would you like to know more about our intercultural training and consulting programs? Contact us: info@cetop.de

Or give us a call: +49201 / 32 21 97



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