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Behavior and Personality

Do you ever wonder why...

You get the reaction or response from others that you do?

You have conflicts with someone although you are both working for the same goals?

Some people get bogged down in detail and can't see the big picture?

Some people can only see the big picture and have no patience with detail?

Some people can't keep up with the pace of change?

Others seem to thrive on creating change?

We could go on with "wonder why's", but you get the point, don't you...people are different! We behave differently, we're driven by various needs...and we aren't going to change others, are we?

We may not be able to change others, but we can make simple, smart behavior adaptations of ourselves to improve our interactions with others. That's what people literacy is all about - getting along with others in a particular situation to accomplish certain goals. The situation may be at work, at home, at school or in the community, but it's success depends on our ability to function successfully with others - even though they behave very differently!

Why is an awareness of personality so important for us? The question about success factors based on personality is one of the oldest and most important questions of mankind.

You can't meet all requirements you are confronted with. You have to adjust your job to the patterns of your personality. Successful people manage to bring their inner potential and their outer behavior into balance and harmony. They are themselves, they don't try to play a role. Successful people develop their own style of behavior based on their awareness about their strengths and weaknesses. They know their potential and limits and how to deal with them.

Our Personality Development courses are based upon thePersolog Personality Profile (DISC).

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